Stop Paying Expensive Realtor Fees. List, Market and Sell Your Home For $999.00


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Is this flat fee full-service offer to list my home and sell it for $999.00 legitimate, is it real?

A1: Absolutely, it is a real offer. I’ve been making it available to the general public since December of 2018 when I had a change of heart and mind about how to run my business. 


Q2: Are you a licensed Realtor?

A2: Yes. I’m a licensed Real Estate Broker (#0300859), who owns and operates a licensed Real Estate Brokerage (#262289) here in the State of Tennessee. I’m also a Realtor in good standing with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Tennessee Association of Realtors (TAR) and Eastern Middle TN Association of Realtors (EMTAR). As a matter of full disclosure, I’m also a registered Trainee with the TN Real Estate Appraiser Board (#5647) and hope to be a fully licensed Real Estate Appraiser by end of 2019. 


Q3: How can you do this when other agents charge so much more? 

A3: Admittedly, my full-service flat fee promotion will challenge many widely held myths about real estate. Least of which is that Sellers must pay a percentage-based commission to a Realtor in order to sell their home. This just simply isn’t true. My specific procedures and processes are trade secrets however, I have figured out how to offer unbelievable value to my clients while still being able to turn an honest profit and provide top rated service. 


Q4: If you aren’t making a percentage-based commission, are you less motivated to sell my home? 

A4: As a true professional, I’m not anymore or any less motivated to help you sell your home. It’s time that you as a homeowner are informed and educated so that you don’t fall victim to the hype of hucksters or a pitch person throwing up misleading television ads or sensationalized articles so that they can pick up a few pennies off all the dollars you drop. When you hire me, I’m your fiduciary, doing what is in your best interest above my own and because you’ve paid me upfront, you don’t have to worry about me putting my own financial interest, chasing that commission, above your own